Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Pilloos!

Throw Pillows can be made custom.  Bring me your old throw pillows I can recover them and give them a total make over! I have a some fabric but you can also just buy your own fabric

$10 (+cost of fabric ranging from $2-5 per pillow) to recover existing pillow

$20 for new pillow

If you want to find your own fabric it takes about 1/2 yd for a standard size pillow.

Girls Flower Pillow

This would be a cute pillow in a girls bedroom. The flower is just like the Flower Pin-On.

Cost:  $ 10

Flower Pin-On

I know these flower brooches are very popular back home...I love it! It is a fun trendy look, spice your wardrobe up by adding one of these flowers to your sweater, jacket, dress, purse, backpack, or hat!

COST: $5

Mini Owls

Mini Owl ornaments they have a little piece of ribbon that you can hang on a wreath or around on any fall decoration. They are small they fit in my palm...approximately 1 inch tall.
Cost: 2 for $5 
1 for $3

Oliva the Owl

I made this for a co-workers niece and it turned out to be so fun to make, it's become my favorite. This owl is about 1 1/2 feet tall...but I can customize the size.

Cost: $20 (Depending on size)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trick-or-treat pillow cases

Introducing the Halloween themed pillow case with detachable handles! All season your kids can use this fun Halloween pillowcase then on Halloween night button on the straps and it doubles as their Trick-or-Treat bag to hold their loads and loads of candy.
I have a variety of prints, but there are more available.

Price: $15


This is my new blog to showcase some of my new creations! I have a lot of fun ideas and I am always willing to accept suggestions! I get a lot of my ideas from my sister and my family members others are inspired by things I find on the internet...some just come from the heart.